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Riley O. - ***** October 1, 2016
When I pull in, rowdy starts dancing in the car and can't get inside fast enough. They are so good to him here and I feel better knowing he's happy while I'm at work for long days or out of town. Rowdy was attacked when he was only a few weeks old and Robert and his team have helped him overcome his fears of other dogs with patience and love. Best place to take your dog!

Monica M. -  ***** February 1, 2016
This place is fabulous. I have an 11 year old Golden Retriever I have never had to board and both of us were very nervous! Gracie stayed a week and was treated like a queen. No more anxiety for me! Thank you Robert and your wonderful team

Andrea M. - ***** 7/16/2016
We just got home from picking up our Rat Terrier, Maxx after he spent a week with Robert and his staff. I can not believe the difference in him compared to when we have picked him up from being boarded at other kennels! We have tried numerous other places that friends recommended and claimed their dog LOVED... Maxx would come home wheezing, shaking, feverish and with diarrhea. It would always take a week or two for him to recover. It was bad enough that we started just leaving him at home and had our neighbors look in on him and feed him. Then THAT stopped working! I read all of the reviews here on yelp of other dogs that had the same experiences with other kennels and how happy they were after being boarded at Bayside and decided to give it a try. When they brought Maxx out, he was smiling, bouncing and beyond happy! We got in the car and while he was doing his happy panting, there wasn't even a hint of a wheeze! No shivering, no cowering, none of it!!!!! Then I took a closer look at his bed and it was CLEAN! They actually washed his bed for us!!! We could not be happier! Robert, you're the best and Maxx is yours forever!

Angelica T. - ***** 2/6/2016
We absolutely love this place!! Our dog comes home happy every time.  Great family run business

Glen G. - ***** 1/12/2016
We have been taking our dog to Bayside for a few years now. Always a wonderful experience dealing with them. Our dog does not want to leave sometimes when its time to come home.

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